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Salary CalculatorThe TaxTalent Salary Calculator is the most accurate and targeted online resource for benchmarking tax compensation. As part of membership, tax professionals can utilize this powerful tool for FREE to determine if their compensation is below or above market value. The calculator can also serve as a vital resource for tax leadership to better recruit and retain tax professionals.

The data supplied from the tax salary calculator is critical for making informed career decisions and to help educate tax, financial and HR leadership on the market value of specific tax positions based on quantifiable and comparable information.

The salary calculator also works in conjunction with more in-depth Benchmark Compensation Studies and our Cost of Living Index, which we highly recommended for attracting and retaining key tax department positions. For job seekers, our Cost of Living Index Cost of Living Index also allows you to quickly and easily calculate the minimum salary necessary to maintain your current standard of living when moving anywhere in the United States

You can run any number of salary comparatives providing you with personal and management flexibility to gather the compensation data you need to make more informed decisions. Getting this type of compensation data specifically for tax is virtually impossible from any other source.

Now, you have an on-demand salary resource that can help you better plan and execute the career moves and advancements you deserve.

Get started with the TaxTalent salary calculator today with your FREE TaxTalent membership. If you are a tax leader, finance or HR professional looking for more information on a comprehensive salary benchmark for any of your top 20% tax positions, we encourage you to explore our Benchmark Compensation Studies or call one of our tax salary specialists at 843-216-7444.