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After 30+ years in tax recruiting, we know the frustrations that go along with hiring in the current market. Parameters are set, making it seem like you have to achieve an extensive amount of candidates to be successful. With current economic conditions, that is simply unrealistic as your tax team does not have the capacity to conduct tons of interviews.

With budgets tightening, you are not able to utilize a search firm for every open role, which is why we created this tool to help you optimize your internal search.

Traditional job boards will continue to decline in effectiveness because their blanketed approach may reach the masses, but not the talent your department requires. We are not a traditional job board.

How We Are Different 

Our step-by-step posting process coupled with the latest technology develops professional job ads at a fraction of the cost. 

The job specs are analyzed and used to send your ad to a hyper-targeted candidate pool. This ensures you reach and receive more qualified candidates.

Over the course of 60 days, your ad is broadcast to relevant tax professionals in our database. We do not guarantee quantity, but ensure quality candidates.

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