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About TaxTalent

Our Founding Vision!

In 1987,  Anthony “Tony” Santiago started a niche recruiting firm specializing in the tax profession. His business vision was grounded in the belief that the career of a tax professional, aside from faith and family, was one of the most important aspects of life.

Santiago realized that by helping professionals advance their tax careers, he would be improving their lives and families as well as those within his growing company of tax recruiters and supporting staff.

A Solid Reputation for Innovation and Tax Career Expertise

Fast forward more than three digital decades later and you will experience an integrated pair of highly technical companies that offer innovative service lines and career resources that were developed by listening to the needs of clients and candidates. The present state of information technology has provided TaxSearch, Inc. and TaxTalent, Inc. with the ability to greatly expand the depth and breadth of serving the tax market.

Over the last decade, both companies have made significant investments that leverage technology to provide accurate, timely and relevant information to thousands of tax professionals as well as those that oversee or support the tax function. The game may have changed considerably over the years, but the core belief in the ability to advance people’s lives through valuable career insight still remains the same.

Non-U.S. Services

We have built a relationship with a tax professional recruiter in the UK, called BPA Search. We recommend all our clients to them when they need to recruit in the UK and Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. We also work with BPA Search when creating our annual global tax market assessment

A Broad Spectrum of Professional Tax Recruiting and Retention Services

For Finance Leaders:
We believe the tax function need not be a black box. We bridge communication gaps by empowering tax and financial leaders with the right data so they can align together with the primary objectives of the business.

For Tax Leaders:
We believe in developing lasting relationships by supporting individual tax careers and the complete optimization of tax departments. We do this by providing our clients with the right data at the right time so they can make highly informed decisions.

For Human Resource Executives:
We believe the tax function is highly specialized and faces significant nuances not found in other business sectors. By aligning ourselves in a cooperative manner with HR, we become silent or proactive partners in the tax recruiting, retention and career development process.

For Students & Professors:
We believe the tax profession deserves an industry advocate to foster the next generation of tax leaders. By aligning with top tax professors and scholastic programs, we are able to bond the world of academia to the real world of tax in a manner that advances the entire profession.  

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The Tax Community that Puts You in Control of Your Career

TaxTalent is the online career and leadership development portal for tax professionals. Membership includes free access to expert coaches, mentors, resources, content and valuable tools for both career and leadership growth. TaxTalent segments members into five career phases based on the number of years in the tax profession. This ensures the delivery of accurate, relevant and timely career development and department optimization support from student education to retirement succession.