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Grad students - Be there or be square!

NEW Post Don't miss your last opportunity of the school year to receive critical tax career advice! Register for session 6 of Virtual Tax Club here.

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Insiders Speak Out!

NEW Post As COVID-19 continues to turn our world upside down, we were curious to hear what impact it has had on companies who implemented the Big4’s outsourcing model.

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Tax Talent’s Job Board VS. General Job Boards

    Post a tax job today! View open tax jobs!.

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Mark your calendars!

Our 6th and final session of Virtual Tax Club for this school year will be held May 27th at 1pm.

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Time To Strategize

While many companies are temporarily putting a hold on hiring and implementing cost cutting measures due to COVID 19, we all know that the workload for tax isn’t going anywhere.

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It's not all doom and gloom for Millennials...

Millennials in the tax industry are becoming “essential” workers.

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DAC 6 is Coming – Will It Cause A Chilling Effect On The Use Of Outside Advisors?

Tax departments are being asked to do more work with fewer resources and I fear preparation for DAC 6 is not at the top of tax department's priority lists.

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The Tax Leadership Shakeup Ahead - Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

Your tax department will soon face one of two challenges as we prepare for a major tax leadership shakeup.

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Using Consultants During a Pandemic

Don’t let this pandemic restrict you from getting necessary work done.

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The Fun of Video Conferencing

  Do you have any other tips or fun stories to share? Comment below to add to the list.

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Tax and Treasury - To Combine, Or Not To Combine?

The question on every CFO's mind right now is, should Tax and Treasury become one? I discussed this with six Tax and Treasury executives to get their insight.

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What's Different About This Market Turndown by Tony Santiago

If you are ultimately responsible for your corporate tax function, take a moment to read this short article about why this market turn-down is different.

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How To Be Prepared For Staffing In An Uncertain Time

Right now, there is a lot of negativity circulating in the news and social media as we try to navigate through uncharted waters.

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Strategic Hiring: Hiring During a Major Market Disruption

We’ve transitioned into an employer-driven market, but that doesn’t mean Hiring Authorities will have it easy.

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What If You Could Save Nearly $100K On Your Consulting Budget?

Our client was looking to file an R&D Credit for the first time and decided to hire an outside firm to do most of the heavy lifting.

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Top 5 Reasons To Go In-House

If you are in professional services, there will come a time when you question if you are on the right career path.

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News You Could Use

 Great News! We have a domestic tax expert available who can help your department tackle upcoming compliance projects.

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All hands (and paws) on deck!

Our team is tirelessly working through this tough time to help you build and maintain your world-class tax departments.

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A Note From Our President, Tony Santiago

"Being established over 30 years ago, we have seen market conditions go up and down several times.

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Preparing Millennials for the Exodus

  “If you wish to be a leader, you must show you want to be a part of the team.

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