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Featured Job - Senior Tax Accountant at Mohawk Industries

NEW Post If you are looking for a great place to build on your tax accounting foundation and develop your career, this opportunity could be the one for you.

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The Hidden Challenges of Remote Work for Tax Departments - Managing Talent at a Distance

NEW Post In a time where we are impacted by major factors such as the demographic exodus, statutory and regulatory changes, political uncertainty, and a cost containment push by leadership, we will soon encounter additional complications in two areas.

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Heads Up

We are going into the fall hiring season and if you are looking for new opportunities, you need to be apprised of the roles that specifically apply to you.

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Is Remote Work Here To Stay?

When I wrote “Working Remote: 3 Keys To Success” back in April, I did not expect to be writing about the same topic six months later.

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Featured Job - Praxair - Property Tax Manager

Click here for more information.

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Free Webinar!

You must understand the two major trends which will soon negatively impact your tax function and the one positive opportunity that resulted from COVID-19.

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Strategic Hiring - Hiring to Upgrade or Rebuild a Tax Function

For the last article of her Strategic Hiring series, Natalie breaks down how tax leaders should hire and retain talent in a department upgrade or rebuild.

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Shoot For Candidate Quality Over Volume

Learn More - https://bit.

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A Fraction Of The Time At A Fraction Of The Cost - Just In Time Consultants

Read this case study now to find out how TaxForce can help your tax department on a fractional basis.

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4 Successful Succession Planning Moves

With COVID19 retirements accelerating across tax departments, we are seeing more clients successfully utilize succession planning tactics in their hiring practices.

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Do you need a team?

As a tax department leader, during a pandemic resulting in an economic downturn, you may, like many others, find yourself in a position where you need to do 80% of the work with 20% of the resources.

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We Want To Know

After working remotely for 6 months, what have you found to be the biggest pros and cons? If you did not work remotely during the pandemic, why not?.

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The Next Chapter

With bankruptcies on the rise from the effects of COVID19, many tax departments are going to need budgetary relief while completing the necessary critical work.

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Hiring? Tap Into Our Database

Don’t waste your company’s time and money posting your tax job on a traditional job board.

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Resume writing service

Has anyone used a resume writing service that did a good job and provided good value?.

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The Global Challenges of Covid 19 for Tax Leaders

Our alliance partner, BPA, published this valuable article providing insight into the global side effects of COVID 19 on tax departments.

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Switch In Practice Area / Tax LLM

I have been practicing law for over a decade in a non-tax practice group (litigation focused).

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Stereotypes Of Working For Non-U.S. Owned Companies In The United States

Understandably, working for a non-U.

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Career Growth Opportunities

Don’t forget that the TaxTalent community is here as a tool no matter where you are in your tax career.

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Your feedback is valuable

Last week, we put out a survey asking what your current working situation is.

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