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TaxTalent's online career portal helps tax professionals optimize their careers, while helping leading companies optimize their tax departments. Here are some of our latest Thought Leadership articles:

Tax Diversity Standards Of Tomorrow

As companies are scrutinized by ESG standards, there are unique factors in tax that will cause tension for companies as they struggle to meet a specific area regarding the social element of ESG. Natalie Santiago and Adam Golden address these factors and provide potential short and long-term solutions in their latest white paper.

Tax Diversity Standards Of Tomorrow - NS AG.pdf

Impending Labor Shortage - The Underlying Conditions Affecting Your Tax Function

This article discusses how the impending labor shortage in tax will impact how investors view your company.

Impending Labor Shortage - Underlying Conditions Affecting Your Tax Function.pdf

Drawing the Line - Needs VS. Wants

With more candidates than available jobs in the current employer-driven market, Tyler Simpson’s latest article addresses the importance of hiring authorities drawing a hard line between the company’s needs versus wants in the job description. Ineffective job ads will result in a flood of candidates who are ultimately unqualified for your position. Read the article to see a real-life example of how we improved a client’s job description.

Drawing the Line - Needs VS. Wants.pdf

Consultants: Easing the Transition for New Remote Clients

If you are already consulting or are considering becoming a tax consultant, you need to read this. In this new, unusual normal, tax consultants no longer spend any time with the client onboarding them before or during the project. Consultants need to recognize that although they may have remote consulting experience, remote roles are a new dynamic for many hiring authorities. Reply below with any questions or comments regarding your own experiences.

Consultants Easing the Transition for New Remote Clients.pdf

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Reports & Studies

2020 Global Tax Market Assessment

This annual publication, conducted in partnership with TaxSearch, Inc, and British based BPA, is the leading predictive analysis of trends facing corporate tax departments that could impact staffing and retention. The GTMA is distributed worldwide in the first quarter of each year and has become a "must-read" resource for tax, finance, and human resource professionals that lead or support the corporate tax function.


2019 Global Tax Market Assessment

The annual Global Tax Market Assessment (GTMA) is the leading forecasting and predictive analysis of top trends in staffing and retention facing corporate tax departments. This 2019 report examines how the perfect storm of tax reform, retirement of baby boomers, uptick of corporate transactions and the ever changing issues related to tax technology & AI has and will continue to significantly affect staffing and retention of corporate tax departments. Key factors related to this challenge are identified for each major region of the world as well as predictions and recommendations regarding how tax departments must respond. Key solutions for the future success of tax departments are presented including closer collaboration between tax and IT departments as well as tax becoming a more integrated partner with business.


2019 Tax Hiring Outlook

TaxTalent, the career and leadership development community for tax professionals, recently released their findings on hiring trends within corporate tax departments. The 2019 Tax Hiring Outlook surveyed 400 corporate in-house tax staffing authorities on hiring strategies and projections for 2019.

2019 Tax Hiring Outlook By TaxTalent.pdf

Latest Tax Talk

Wednesday with Avrom – No surfing allowed...

NEW Post As the saying goes…It’s not WHAT you say but HOW you say it! This week’s lesson from Avrom tells us that no matter what you are presenting, the delivery behind the content is key, and sometimes the most important.

Posted by TaxTalent 3 days ago | 0

Risky Business...

NEW Post RISKY BUSINESS! We must acknowledge the growing pressure and potential risks due to differing views and expectations when it comes to remote hiring.

Posted by Adam-Golden 3 days ago | 0

Wednesday with Avrom – Make the call….

Avrom’s lesson this week teaches us that any moment could be THE moment and it’s important to go with your gut but also to scrutinize them wisely and with kindness.

Posted by TaxTalent 10 days ago | 0

Wednesday with Avrom – Pull it Together!

A new lesson from Avrom this week tells us that considering all solutions to a complicated problem or even sub-problems you are faced with, instead just the most obvious answer, could be an advantage in your decision making and final result.

Posted by TaxTalent 24 days ago | 0

ALERT- ESG Standards set to impact tax departments in the near future.

Read how this may affect you here.

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