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TaxTalent's online career portal helps tax professionals optimize their careers, while helping leading companies optimize their tax departments. Here are some of our latest Thought Leadership articles:

Responsibility VS Authority - Dynamics of Hiring In-House

Adam Golden’s latest article examines the relationship between HR and tax leaders when it comes to filling a search in-house. There is value in recognizing the element that tax is ultimately responsible for the hiring of their department.

Responsibility VS Authority - Dynamics of Hiring In-House.pdf

TaxForce Teams Case Study

When Micron, an American producer of computer memory and data storage, brought in new financial leadership with big goals, they knew they needed assistance in the tax technology arena. As a recurring client, they reached out to TaxForce to find one consultant that was up to the challenge. They received much more than expected.

TF Teams Case Study.pdf

4 Successful Succession Planning Moves

With COVID19 retirements accelerating across tax departments, we are seeing more clients successfully utilize succession planning tactics in their hiring practices. In the current economic climate, now is the time for hiring authorities to make potential new hires aware of these succession planning moves to ensure alignment among both parties. Read about 4 methods Tyler Simpson has noticed in several of his recent searches.

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Fractional Case Study

Merck, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, reached out with a project they believed would leave the TaxForce team stumped.

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Reports & Studies

2020 Global Tax Market Assessment

This annual publication, conducted in partnership with TaxSearch, Inc, and British based BPA, is the leading predictive analysis of trends facing corporate tax departments that could impact staffing and retention. The GTMA is distributed worldwide in the first quarter of each year and has become a "must-read" resource for tax, finance, and human resource professionals that lead or support the corporate tax function.


2019 Global Tax Market Assessment

The annual Global Tax Market Assessment (GTMA) is the leading forecasting and predictive analysis of top trends in staffing and retention facing corporate tax departments. This 2019 report examines how the perfect storm of tax reform, retirement of baby boomers, uptick of corporate transactions and the ever changing issues related to tax technology & AI has and will continue to significantly affect staffing and retention of corporate tax departments. Key factors related to this challenge are identified for each major region of the world as well as predictions and recommendations regarding how tax departments must respond. Key solutions for the future success of tax departments are presented including closer collaboration between tax and IT departments as well as tax becoming a more integrated partner with business.


2019 Tax Hiring Outlook

TaxTalent, the career and leadership development community for tax professionals, recently released their findings on hiring trends within corporate tax departments. The 2019 Tax Hiring Outlook surveyed 400 corporate in-house tax staffing authorities on hiring strategies and projections for 2019.

2019 Tax Hiring Outlook By TaxTalent.pdf

Latest Tax Talk

Shoot For Candidate Quality Over Volume

NEW Post Learn More - https://bit.

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A Fraction Of The Time At A Fraction Of The Cost - Just In Time Consultants

NEW Post Read this case study now to find out how TaxForce can help your tax department on a fractional basis.

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4 Successful Succession Planning Moves

With COVID19 retirements accelerating across tax departments, we are seeing more clients successfully utilize succession planning tactics in their hiring practices.

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Do you need a team?

As a tax department leader, during a pandemic resulting in an economic downturn, you may, like many others, find yourself in a position where you need to do 80% of the work with 20% of the resources.

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We Want To Know

After working remotely for 6 months, what have you found to be the biggest pros and cons? If you did not work remotely during the pandemic, why not?.

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