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Employee Retention Tax Credit Specialist

Smart ERC
Listing Date: 2023/05/25

Send resumes and/or questions to Dr. Jennifer Garrison at jennifer@smarterc.com


We offer competitive pay, long-term growth opportunities (far beyond the ERC program), and flexible working hours.

ERTC experience is required.

About us

The pandemic has presented several challenges to business owners. Many organizations have fought simply to stay in business, unable to retain crucial employees. The Employee Retention Tax Credit offers a solution. Employers can now receive up to $26,000 per W-2 employee to help ease some of the financial burdens of business owners.

Smart ERC’s parent company, Pinnacle Minds Inc. has been established in California for the past 17 years. Smart ERC’s mission is to help thousands of small businesses get their Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) from the IRS. We offer a smarter way to get the credit, and we always maximize credits for our clients.

We are a small business that takes pride in being creative and agile and our goal is to help thousands of businesses claim their Employee Retention Credits from the IRS.

At Smart ERC, we are wholly dedicated to helping business owners maximize their Employee Retention Tax Credit. Applying for the ERC can be a tedious process. That’s where we come in; easing the burden of business owners by leveraging our team of former IRS agents to help companies maximize their tax credit. We are passionate about strengthening our economy by helping businesses keep their doors open and their people employed. If you share our passion and have the skills and vision beyond the ERC program, we want to talk to you!

Job Description:

Working with our Employee Retention Tax Credits Consulting Team, the ERTC Processing Specialist is a pragmatic and responsible individual. This person has a history of working through ambiguity in high-volume workplaces and derives great joy from seeing projects through to completion. The ERTC Processing Specialist works well under pressure, is well-organized, has excellent time management skills, and is highly professional. This is a recession-proof business with great job security for high performers.


Within our Employee Retention Tax Credits Consulting Team, the ERTC Processing Specialist is responsible for researching, recording client engagements, and deciding the scope of work. The EERTC Processing Specialist assesses the project's feasibility and related risk by reviewing important fact patterns and assessing the facts through the prism of statute and regulations.

  • Assess project challenges and potential risks
  • Interpret and analyze various forms including Forms 7200, 941, 3508, and 1094c, W-2, W-3, etc.
  • Research interpretations of the client’s circumstances
  • Develop and affirm strong positions that align with program intentions
  • Prepare strong, well-organized documentation


  • Proven experience processing the ERC
  • Bachelor’s degree (B.S.) in Accounting (PREFERRED not required)
  • 3+ years experience in Payroll Processing or Tax Preparation (required)
  • Proven record of meeting tight deadlines while simultaneously providing great client service
  • Experience coordinating or managing projects at a detailed level
  • Proven ability to understand and complete complicated forms


  • Excellent research and analytical abilities
  • Creative and non-traditional thinking and ideas
  • Solid organizational abilities with a focus on time management.
  • Very strong problem-solving skills
  • Enjoys the ever-changing demands, processes, and technology of clients
  • Exceptional writing abilities
  • Excel proficiency is required.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $50.00 - $75.00 per hour


  • Flexible schedule


  • 3850 Bessemer Rd.
    Suite 110
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

  • Phone: 843.216.7444
  • Fax: 843.216.7799
  • support@taxtalent.com

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