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How has your company’s mindset changed on remote working since Covid-19?

Posted by Stephanie-Gilmartin 1 Year Ago | 0

I was speaking with a Director of Tax Accounting for a large publicly-traded company in the U.S., and she was explaining their tax department has been working from home for 12 weeks and will continue until Labor Day at least.  She said the VP of Tax has an entirely different opinion of remote working now than he did before.  He was never a fan of working from home, and he wanted everyone in the office for adequate face time, and to monitor productivity.

This quarter close was the smoothest the company has had in the last eight quarters. It has helped the VP of tax realize his department can be very successful working remotely.

We think the professional landscape will change drastically and are already seeing significant signs of this happening.  In fact, for the first time we are just starting a new search that has the option to work 100% remotely. Our previous remote working setups have still been semi-remote where the employee was expected to work in the office a few days a week or a month. 

After discussions with our hiring authorities, remote working has been a positive experience. They realize that most of their employees have been more productive working from home and are actually working longer hours since they do not have to deal with long commutes and can work easily at any time. Instead of limiting their ability to find the best talent in the country, they will be more flexible in offering this situation. 

What is your opinion on this scenario?  Do you see this change in mindset playing out at your company, or do you anticipate it? I would love to hear your feedback on this.  Please share.

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