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Switch In Practice Area / Tax LLM

Posted by Community Member Community Member 1 Month Ago | 3

I have been practicing law for over a decade in a non-tax practice group (litigation focused). I had significant interest in tax in law school, but never had the opportunity to practice in tax (outside of a few internships in law school). Now, a decade later, I made partner, but I am concerned about: (1) my lack of passion for my current area of practice; and (2) the fact that my current practice area is rate-sensitive. Frankly, I see a relatively low ceiling in my current practice area due to the rate issue. I would like to transition to a tax practice because I think it would be more interesting and more lucrative (at least from an hourly rate perspective). My concerns: (1) Is it possible to transition practices at this point? I'm at a relatively large regional firm (AmLaw 200). I'd like to stay at the same firm. Obviously, it will take some internal networking, but would tax attorneys even consider giving work to someone with no real experience at a partner level? (2) If I got my LLM in tax, how would that impact my ability to transition?

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Posted by Community Member 1 Month Ago

Happy to have a chat to discuss my LLM experience--I can be reached at Scott Petersen

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Posted by Anonymous 1 Month Ago

If feasible from a departmental perspective, perhaps you can pick up some tax controversy work -- federal or SALT? You don't really need an LLM to do it. As a tax lawyer it's nice to have a general litigator who likes to do tax cases with you. LLM during night school would be odd but ok probably. Taking time off for a full-time LLM will get you some quizzical looks.

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Posted by Community Member 1 Month Ago

Hi, There are several points in your message that need to be addressed. I am happy to discuss directly with you if you want to email me with some times you have open tomorrow. In a nutshell, it will be difficult to transition to tax at your level but doable based on how much you are willing to sacrifice. Look forward to chatting with you.

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